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BLAC ICE is a superhero action series aimed toward children and tween demographic (6-10), that follows superpowered triplet brothers Jonathon, Neven, and Gemini along with their archeologist mother Teresa as they help those in need around the world with their elemental powers of earth, water and fire. The first season of the show begins with the well-established Toronto-based (Forrest Hill) superhero family known as BLAC ICE at the height of their fame as they fight all manner of natural and supernatural disasters around the world. Their family home is also connected to the St. Clair West Station lair, their success is ultimately challenged when the family is introduced to their first mysterious supervillain who kidnaps Teresa leaving the brothers to fend for themselves for the first time in their lives.

While in captivity Teresa uncovers the true identity of this masked supervillain as her old student; Darticus Powell, who like her sons, also brandishes elemental powers that originated from the three Egyptian crystals. Physically damaged but eager to elevate his already substantial power to control and manipulate all forms of energy, Darticus Powell successfully extracts the whereabouts of the crystals from Teresa just before the brothers track down Powell, destroy his lair, and rescue their mother. Buried beneath the rubble, Powell breaks free of his ruined home to claim the crystals before BLAC ICE can find new hiding places for them.

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